Pandanote's Help Page 
Pandanote is a software for Mac and Windows. It's developed by and for students. Pandanote aimed at summarizing automatically your class notes and generate fill in the blank tests. You can reach here your customer support. 

How to take notes with Pandanote ? 
You can create notes on Pandanote. Your files are stored on your computer. When you open the software it creates a new file. You can open one of your Pandanote files by double-clicking on it. Note taking on Pandanote works like a traditional note taking app. In the toolbar you have several buttons. With h1, h2 and h3 you create titles inside the file. B, I and U stand for Bold, Italic and Underline. With the color buttons you can highlight your notes. If you want to undo a highlight color, reselect the piece of text and click again on the color button in the toolbar. 

How to automatically summarize your note with Pandanote ? 
You can summarize your note with Pandanote. Our software is extracting everything you highlighted to generate summaries. Once you have highlighted your note, just click on "Summary" to see the result. In the summary you can choose to show what you want to see. For instance, only the blue and the pink color. Soon, you will be able to show in the summary the titles (h1,h2 and h3). 

How to generate fill-in-the-blank tests ? 
This feature is currently in development. It will soon be ready. 

Can I open a Word document on Pandanote ? 
We don't have a feature to open a Word Document on Pandanote. But you can copy and paste the content of the Word doc into Pandanote ! 

Can I open a PDF on Pandanote ? 
Not yet. But you can turn your PDF file into a Word document with SmallPDF. Once it's done, copy and paste the Word doc into Pandanote.

What are the keyboard shortcuts for Pandanote ? 
On Mac 
• Cmd+Q : to close the app (make sure to save your work first)
• Cmd + S : to save your work 
• Cmd + N : to create a new file 
• Cmd + I : italic 
• Cmd + B : bold • Cmd + U : underline
• Cmd + Z : undo the latest action 
• Cmd + C : copy 
• Cmd + V : paste 

On Windows 
• Ctrl+Q : to close the app (make sure to save your work first)
• Ctrl + S : to save your work 
• Ctrl + N : to create a new file 
• Ctrl + I : italic
• Ctrl + B : bold
• Ctrl + U : underline
• Ctrl + Z : undo
• Ctrl + C : copy 
• Ctrl + V : paste  

Where can I download Pandanote ? 
You can download Pandanote here for free. 

What is the price of Pandanote ? 
It's free. We plan to launch paid features soon. 

On which operating system is Pandanote working ? 
 Pandanote is available on Windows (starting with Windows 7) and on Mac OS (starting with Mac OS X). We are currently not available for Linux. 

Is Pandanote available on Smartphone ?
We are currently only a desktop app. We hope to launch iOS and Android app soon. 

How to save my work on Pandanote ? 
You only have to do cmd+S on Mac or ctrl+S on Windows to save your work. All your files will be stored on your computer in a .panda format. Make sure to save your work before closing the app. 

How to share my Pandanote files and summaries ?
You simply have to send the file to a friend. Your friend needs to download Pandanote for free to open the file. You can also collaborate by sharing the files on a Dropbox or Google Drive folder. 

In which language is Pandanote available ? 
 Currently Pandanote is only available in English. We plan to launch French, German and Spanish versions soon !  

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